Patagonia tees up Autumn

I sit here late at night in the semi-darkness, approaching the end of my annual family holiday, this year in the Canarian volcano island of Lanzarote.

Despite a bumper 14-day trip, I decided I could manage without paying Ryanair’s extortionate fees for baggage in the hold and instead brought the bare minimum in my hand luggage. That meant just 3 pairs of shorts (the apartment has a washing machine, you see!), 5 t-shirts and very little else in the way of attire.

Two Patagonia P-6 tees, several seasons old were my go-to companions for this trip, though I noticed the emergence of some serious wear on both, plus what looks suspiciously like a moth bite means this could well be their last outing before going to the big recycle bin in the sky. They’ve served me well though, been worn to everything from a night out to the gym, and now they’re withstanding a last hurrah as I hike up steep trails and relax in the salty air of a very windy beach.

My whole point here is the P-6 tee from Patagonia is probably the most durable and value-for-money t-shirt of its kind. The back logo and front chest print combo is tried and tested and once I’m back in the land of high energy bills and social inequality, I reckon I’m going to cheer myself up and challenge the post-holiday blue with a couple of new P-6s.


I’ll probably get them from somewhere like Fresh, here.