New Arrivals at Fresh

Those of you who read these meandering musings will know of our longstanding affinity with Fresh Store of Turin. Despite having never been there, it remains a favourite of ours and so it makes sense that once in a while we share what they’ve been up to.

You can read a full interview with the founders of Fresh in the next issue of the magazine btw. For now, check out their latest arrivals.

Paraboot Thiers Velours Terre/Orange – Genuine Rubber Sole
Handmade in France, Paraboot continue to write the book on heritage footwear. This latest release is an original model from the sixties, rugged yet distinguished.
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Edwin Hana No Shita Shirt SS Multicolor
Look at this beauty! Like something you’d wear to play with the minds of your in-laws at the year’s first barbecue.
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Lacoste Recycled Polyester Track Jacket White Green
Now that’s what I’m talking about! Get a load of this! This is what you want from Lacoste, a piece of leisurewear that’ll elevate you from looking like a reluctant plasterer to a wise playboy. It’s what they wear at that tennis club you’re not allowed in.
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New Balance Athletics Remastered Graphic French Terry Crewneck Greige
Coming in a colour known as Greige (like beige and grey if they had a baby), this suitably suave sweatshirt boasts retro print to the front and is constructed from lovely French Terry, which also happens to be the name of the bloke who is winning the race depicted on the front. French Terry.
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 La Paz x Fresh Cunha Torino Sweatshirt
As if the handful of sweats we’ve already shared isn’t enough to bamboozle you, here’s arguably the best of the lot, a mashup of Italian and Portuguese design. This collab between Fresh and Portugal’s La Paz is simply gorgeous, depicting an image of Turin’s wonderful Mole Antonelliana.
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