Patagonia Pack it in – A Collection of Daily Daypacks

Patagonia are known for many positive things. Generally regarded by most as one of the best brands there is, they’ve redefined what a fashion-based business can be in the 21st century, all while making top quality, affordable, attractive garms. But there’s something we need to share, that nobody else seems to ever mention.

It’s their bags.

Their bags are great. They’re not mad money, they look great and they wear well. And we need to tell you about some of them, right now. They are – in our eyes – the Carried GOATS.

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole® Tote Pack 27L Fresh Teal
Surpisingly roomy, this is a tote back on steroids. I had saying things are “on steroids” or “on acid” but this is probably both so let’s make an exception and move on.
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Patagonia Black Hole Pack Perennial Purple 25L
Substantial and robust, this is a fetching shade of purple, but comes in others if you’re not into this shade.
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Patagonia Refugio Day Pack Evening Mauve 26L
A very good day pack with central access, probably for your footwear. Good for your daily gym routine or just for people who like carrying shoes.
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