Sneak into Spring with the New Balance 2002R

If you’re anything like we think you are, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve got a little nugget of footwear trivia for you today

Looking at these gorgeous New Balance 2002R shoes, the distressed suede shapes jump out, almost as much as the dreamy quality of the suede itself. They’re the perfect shoe in which to embark on your travels this summer, but we refer to seasons and weather all the time, so in honour of perhaps the best fabric for making shoes, let’s talk about suede.

As you no doubt already know, suede is basically the other side of leather. It’s the softer, underside of the animal skin. Why’s it called suede though? Well, imagine a pair of Scandinavian gloves, being worn in France. They’re from Sweden, to be precise. In France, they would refer to them as ‘Gloves from Sweden’, right? Except they’d say it in French, as they are entitled to do. So ‘Gants de Suède’. The inside of the glove is worthy of reference due to its softer feel, which has long since transplanted itself onto a wide range of garments, including absolutely loads of sports footwear. Interesting isn’t it?

What do you mean you fell asleep?

More on the 2002R then? How about that?

Well, the 2002R comprises plush leather and suede overlays across breathable mesh uppers whilst sitting upon a tech-packed sole unit. ACTEVA LITE, Stability Web and N-ergy are all in-house technologies and have all been unleashed on the 2002R to ensure the superfluous level of support for which New Balance is renowned. That’s sneaker geek speak for “They’re just dead good, okay?”

And they are. Get them here.