Seasonal C.P. Company – An overshirt with a difference

Q. When is an overshirt not an overshirt?
A. When it’s a C.P. Company Chrome-R Mixed Garment Dyed Goggle Overshirt
Items like this are always a good investment. Quite apart from C.P. Company gear just being worth owning full stop, this spring/summer weight smother is infinitely wearable, whether you’re laying up when the sun goes down, or throwing it on in case of a brief downpour.
As ever, the phrase ‘overshirt’ doesn’t do justice to this lightweight but substantial piece of outerwear. Made from C.P.’s own Chrome-R fabric, the multifilament construction means wind and water will find it tough to get through this jacket, yet it’ll retain maximum breathability. The fact it comes in this rich shade of orange makes it all the more appealing, especially as the garment-dyeing process gives rise to an interesting pigmentation across the entire jacket. Because that’s what it is… a jacket.
Take a closer look at the C.P. Company Chrome-R Mixed Garment Dyed Goggle Overshirt (which is definitely a jacket) here.