Karhu drops new Outdoor Pack

When you think of the word ‘pack’ and Finland, especially at this time of year, it’d be natural to conjure up images of speedy sleds being pulled by a gaggle of enthusiastic huskies, i.e a pack of them.

Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’ve not had enough light today and I’m going slowly, slightly mad. One thing I do know though is my nose for good footwear remains fully intact. Whether that be digging through the pile of trainers I’ve not worn for ages, as I did last night, or running my eye over something brand new. In both cases Karhu remains a strong contender.

Their latest release sees them embrace the stunning scenery which prevails in their Nordic environs and pair it with their own time-served authority in outdoor pursuits. Taking autumnal colours from their 1990s catalogues, the Outdoor Pack comprises of the Fusion 2.0 and the Synchron Classic. Browns, greens and oranges are suitably titled things like Fudgesickle and Bitter Chocolate, which for me at least adds an element of festive confectionary to the pack.

The fact they sound sweet owes more to the fact they look sweet. You’re gonna need to add a pair to your own seasonal selection box, and we recommend you do so via our Italian friends at Fresh.