Italians really do it better – C.P. Company Dyshell Goggle Jacket

For most of us, the terrace catwalk high point of the year remains a possibility, at least for now. Boxing Day fixtures are traditionally the place where everyone who is anyone turns up in their best new gear. As we hurtle towards another lockdown, we’ll take the pleasure where we can.

The fact a UK-based online magazine is talking to you about an Italian brand in its 50th year, stocked at an excellent Italian retailer shows the world is still turning, even if lack of travel is making us more distant. In the last 2 years I’ve booked and had four trips cancelled, including one to Italy. Imagine the joy when I finally touch down in that amazing country, no mask, no fear and a jacket befitting the occasion.

This C.P. Company Dyshell is a great example of the brand’s signature aesthetic. Using all of that early work from Massimo Osti, the utilitarian, military look and feel is combined with a measure of luxury that elevates it beyond something you’d wear for battle, or indeed work. That’s the key with C.P. Company, elevating the reliable garments of yesteryear by applying scientific research and daring dying techniques, and in doing so making something that shouldn’t work actually work. Goggles in a hood? Ridiculous! And yet it works. That’s the beauty of this brand for me and the reason it will always retain a little corner of my heart.


Check out all of Fresh’s current offering too. We’ve been working with those guys for a long time now and it’s gratifying to see good people having success especially in the most challenging circumstances.


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