Fresh Projects – Made in Italy

Stretching from the Dolomite mountains to the Adriatic sea, Veneto is one of those places that sounds exotic and actually is exotic.

Its capital Venice is world-renowned for its uniqueness and I’m lucky enough to have been there, albeit for just a day. It snowed. I had a pizza. That’s pretty much all there is to say. Lovely place though. Would like to go back.

The region is also home to a very Italian type of industry. Known for its wine production, the area can also boast manufacturing characteristics of a very historic nature. Pottery, furniture and fashion all feature.

Over in Turin, Fresh have applied a similar Italian eye for detail and generally nice things. Having made a name selling the best of brands from around the world, the lads have decided to try their own thing. Fresh Projects comes directly from their native country, designed in the beautiful city of Turin.

To find out more about these characteristically Italian garments, head to Fresh right now.

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