Baby Cord Shorts for the lads

We’re in the thick of the most likely time of year when us English reach for the nearest pair of shorts in our wardrobe and head out to rid ourselves of our white legs, aka moon-tan. Many of us are pragmatic about this situation, and just get something basic every year, arguing the weather isn’t nice enough for long enough to warrant a really considered purchase. Others, quite rightly apply the same aesthetic eye to shorts as they would to an expensive winter jacket.

When employing the latter method, you’ll invariably end up looking at brands that are based in places where the temperature demands shorts are worn far more regularly than in a beer garden in Shrewsbury or a park in Barrow-in-Furness. La Paz fit the bill for this particular requirement. We like La Paz. Their laid-back Portuguese look is right up our street, especially in summertime. The fact they’ve made some very snazzy shorts in baby cord makes us love them even more.

Over at Fresh – themselves no stranger to a bit of sunshine – they’ve got a nice range, albeit in depleted sizes. If you’re looking for something refined for your long-awaited, thrice-cancelled summer holiday, please… look no more. La Paz and Fresh have you covered.

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