Fresh and La Paz tour Turin

Man, I really sure do love Italy.

A few short years ago the most Italian place I’d been was a restaurant in Stockport where coincidentally Oi Polloi shot their Superga range recently.

Since then though, mainly through work, I’ve been fortunate to visit Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Milan, Venice and more besides. That’s a decent amount of Northern Italy isn’t it? One place I’ve not got to yet is Turin. It’s fair to say it’s shrouded in mystery to me, then? Sorry, that was a catholic joke. Turin? Shroud? No?

Ok, luckily for me, Turin isn’t completely unknown, thanks mainly to a longstanding, long-distance friendship with the guys at Fresh Store.


When the pandemic hit the UK, I was preparing to fly to Milan for a short break, during which I contemplated a trip across to Turin to see the city and meet the lads. If you remember, Milan wasn’t the best place to be when things started to go wrong so it never happened. Consequently, I’m due a trip over there at some point.

These photos of the place just make me want to visit even more. 

We shared the news with you recently that Fresh had partnered with La Paz on an exclusive range of tees and sweats. This additional shoot showcases not just this lovely link up, but also a city with rich heritage. The t-shirt even depicts the iconic Mole Antonelliana. Think of it as a Turin Eiffel Tower.

I’ll get there one day.

See what’s left of this exclusive and limited collaboration here.