ASTORFLEX Collabs with Torino’s Fresh Store


In the UK we’re dead proud of Clarks. It’s the final form of British shoemakers. I imagine the humble cobblers studiously measuring soles, stitching with dexterous attention and lovingly sniffing the fresh leather. There’s a lovely romanticised notion, here. Well, Astorflex is Italy’s Clarks – and, I hate to say it – they might embody that image far better. 

Watch the above video and you can see the image firsthand: the crepe sole being cut, the hand stitching, the final sniff. It’s refreshing to know that over 200 years on from Astorflex’s beginnings, they’re still out here putting the same love into their shoes. 

They’ve teamed up with Torino’s Fresh Store to release an outstandingly well made shoe that borders on boat shoe and moccasin with the durability of a good walking boot. A textured leather upper rounds the full piece off with a touch of class. 

They are, in their words, just “la scarpa buona” – really good shoes. 

Grab them over on Fresh Store’s site, where they’re available in chestnut and navy blu