Clothing as a force for unity – Battenwear at Fresh

How does that actually work though? A shop in a historic city in Italy, a country that plows its own furrow when it comes to retail is massively into a brand founded in NYC, based in California and designed by a Japanese fella? Well, newsflash, borders aren’t there to be hard barriers to trade and collaboration. They give us nationality and a sense of belonging and tradition, but beyond that, they’re often the fences put up by governments to divide us. That’s silly. It’s short-sighted and regressive. A look back into history tells a thousand stories, most of which show the division we’re experiencing in the world right now is not going to end well. It’s pretty serious, almost too serious. So with that on our minds where do frivolous subjects like clothing and creativity fit into our everyday lives? Battenwear making nice clothes won’t save the world will it?

Well, bear with me here because I think they’re doing more than they realise. As long as a website in England is writing about a brand from the U.S being stocked in an Italian retailer, we have another thing to unite us. Battenwear SS22 is what we all have in common and the more we concentrate on what unites us rather than divides us, maybe our lives will start to be dominated by smiles rather than frowns.

Sorry for the serious tone. I could have referred to the clothing as the ideal outfit to wear to a resurrection party, or Easter Egg Hunt Dad Chic. But you know Battenwear by now. I don’t need irreverence or even serious words to get you into it. And that above everything else shows it’s a brand you should appreciate.

Available now at Fresh.