Backpacking in Style – Epperson Mountaineering

Well, whether you disappear off for a summer sampling Sangria and Sagres or you’re gonna spend 48 hours in the Irish bar (just off the main square) doing a stag do in an Eastern European city with genuine beauty in its bones, I’m not fussed really. Everyone needs their essentials. They need to brush their teeth, change their clothes, stow away their passport and take home that stolen drinking vessel.
Enter Epperson Mountaineering. Our friends at Fresh are perfectly positioned for both your backpack purchases and also an in-person stop off on your Euro trip. They’re based in Turin in the North of Italy, which is a genuinely lovely part of the world.
When you’re travelling light and you need a reliable item of baggage that will stay conspicuous and hard to lose, look no further.
Just landed at Fresh, check them out.