C.P. Company helps you be the best on the beach

C.P. Company appears to become stronger by the season. Without even taking into account their exhaustive 50th anniversary celebrations last year, it’s clear the noise around the brand is reaching a gentle crescendo, much like the crashing of waves on a beach.

And there, seamlessly, I’ve linked the Italian classic to the summer, and more specifically, your beach body. We’re not concerned with the superficial here though. Have muscles, don’t have muscles, not bothered. What we will judge you on though, is the attire you take down to the shore.

Fresh have just dropped a nice little range of items seemingly set for sun, sea and sand. Two tees with the smart branding with which C.P. Company has become associated, plus some swimming shorts, and even a towel, all available now at Fresh.

More of this sort of thing available now at Fresh.