Beams Plus does the maths and finds no equal

Founded more than 20 years ago, Beams Plus mines the rich heritage of Americana, sportswear, military and workwear influences to bring something classic yet contemporary to the party.

Beams itself has been around since 1976, while the Beams Plus line was first launched in 1999.

The best description I can give Beams Plus is it’s great stuff, aimed at people like you and me. Taking timeless silhouettes and making them relevant for the modern-day is a trick they seem to pull off time and time again.

A good example of this is their Beams Plus Mil Parka. Reversible, comfortable, and warm, it’s basically all you need right now, as you venture to and from the sandwich shop/football stadium. On one side a teddy bear-style fleece will make everyone want to hug you, and you to hug yourself. While the reverse boasts a more tech feel, with that fleecey goodness that bit closer to your body, keeping you safe and warm.

The utility is a great feature of this jacket, but it’s not at a cost of looking great. Both sides bring benefits to your wardrobe and with 20% off at Fresh currently, you’re subtracting one-fifth of the price while getting 100% more due to it being reversible. And that’s for a brand with Plus in its name.

Smart mathematicians assemble, this is for you.

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