Portuguese Flannel at Fresh

The brainchild of the Magalhães brothers, Portuguese Flannel takes the rich and diverse history of its home country and weaves it into contemporary clothing. Taking inspiration from the sights, sounds and stories of Portugal, Portuguese Flannel use exclusive fabrics to make stylish shirts which add a relaxed yet luxurious feel to your wardrobe.

Meanwhile, in another lovely European country, it’s easy to see why Fresh in Turin have such a strong synergy with Portuguese Flannel. The obvious connection to make between the two locations is a certain footballer who plays in Turin and is from Portugal, but we won’t go there, mainly because it has nothing to do with these great shirts, or indeed our favourite Italian retailer. We’ll let the photos tell the story instead.

These shirts are exactly what we expect from a brand which seems to get better and better each season and we reckon now is the best time to invest in one, if only to stop us going on about them for five minutes.

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