Lacoste Colourblock Smock with a Croc

It’s easy to write about Lacoste, so I won’t bang on about their history, except to say it’s not something they rely on as heavily as they could. They focus more on making stuff for today. Take this Hooded Smock for example, it’s totally in keeping with what we should expect from a contemporary brand, with the colours all pretty on trend and more than a hint of the ocean about it. I can see the casuals of the mid-80s wearing this with their distinctive haircuts and their cords. Equally I can’t shake the feeling it’s absolutely destined to be worn on an evening walk along any Mediterranean promenade in late August, just after one of those cloudy days has turned into a slightly windy evening. That’s where I can see it. Maybe even in Genova/Genoa, a place which reputedly gave its name to the word jeans and is also the home city of Fresh founder Giulio.

Regardless of how and where you wear it, you know you love it almost as much as we do and really, what else is there to say?

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