Fresh Releases Fleece and calls it Frida

Having got to know the guys from Fresh pretty well in recent years, I have always been slightly ashamed at my lack of foreign language skills and their mastery and understanding of our own English. That said, I think they may find it difficult to get their mouths around the title of this article.

It’s their own fault though. Fresh have released a Fleece, that’s a fact. They’ve also called it Frida. Not content with three ‘f’s fitting together, they’ve released the fleece in four colours. I’m confusing myself now. Thankfully, Frida is just one of the names given to each style. We also find Cooper and Mimmo representing.

As if the quartet of 80’s style fleece jackets isn’t enough, Fresh have celebrated the launch with the above video,

Fittingly shot just 80km from Fresh’s native Turin at the Levi Molinari shelter, this video celebrates the great outdoors, Italian style.

In this release, you’ll find 3 styles spread across 4 colourways.

Mimmo is a multicoloured half-zip offering which is available in two colour-combos.

Joining the Mimmo is the aforementioned Frida, a red and blue offering that looks like it came straight off the Pacific Crest Trail.

Completing the trio of styles is the Cooper, a familiar three-colour combination we’ve come to associate with Fresh special projects.

These unique products are limited to Fresh‘s own website, Made in Italy and guaranteed to enhance your autumnal aesthetic.

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