Most guys have a go-to hat, one that travels through all the days endeavors and casts a cool shadow over the work ahead. Cableami is a hatmaker that exemplifies what an everyday hat can mean. The name Cableami is a portmanteau combining the traditional “cable” pattern of Aran knits and the word “ami,” which carries two culturally cognate meanings. In Japanese, “ami” means “knit” and in French it translates to “friend” - the idea that individual elements, when woven together with careful consideration, form a stronger, more reliable bond.

Started in 2008 in Kobe, Japan, designers Shuji Sadamori and Tomoka Sadamori develop unique textiles and create hats filtered through a playful sense of elemental support. Cableami makes hats worth breaking-in with your hard work, good times, and all the thoughts they crown.